Deluxe property & off plan developments on Crete.
The best in real estate: luxury villas, houses and apartments. New homes and investment properties direct from the builder.
- Aphrodite's Garden Lefkogia
- Mylos Agia Triada
- Panoramic Loutra
- Muses' Vista Gavalochori - Plot B
- Plakias Bay View
- Kavros Maisonnettes
- Shopping centre - Aeolus
- Bon Ripari Kastellos
- Idyllic Prines
- Asproulianos - 013
- Plakias - 009
- Prines - 017
- Skepasti - 005
- Agia Triada - 019
- Pagalochori - 004
- Archondiki - 002
- Kavros - 015
- Archondiki - 003
- Erfi - 001
- Skepasti - 006
- Plakias - 007
- Plakias - 008
- Plakias - 010
- Plakias - 011
- Erfi - 012
- Archondiki - 016
- Somatas - 021
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information on this FAQ page is intended to be advisory only; it should in no way be regarded or quoted as being legally accurate or definitive. In most cases we at Tekton can advise and assist you; but you should always refer to the relevant authorities, currently valid documentation or your qualified advisor, if in doubt.

Who can purchase property in Greece/Crete?
EU citizens
Generally speaking, all EU citizens have the right to purchase property in Greece/Crete.

Non EU citizens
Non EU citizens can purchase property only with the required official authorisation. For details of current regulations, contact the Greek consulate or embassy in your home country.

Non-EU Nationals

Purchase procedures for non European Union nationals. Private purchase only.

The procedure is simple but may only be started once a suitable property has been decided upon and you have commited to buying it. The application cannot be submitted in advance of this stage in order to speed things along.
Amongst other government departments, the Ministry of Defence checks the application.

1. You will need to appoint a reputable Greek lawyer. We would be happy to make a recommendation.
2.The lawyer writes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on your behalf stating your intention to make a purchase. For this stage you will require the following:

i. The full names of everyone on the purchase agreement.
ii. Full names of mother and father
iii. Full details of the property you wish to purchase

3. All purchasers will need to provide a biography of themselves including:

i. Where and when born
ii. Details of education and past and present employment
iii. Details of all countries in which you have worked
iv. Details of children, number, ages etc

4. Your lawyer will need to know what the purpose of the purchase is. i.e holiday, rental, retirement etc.
5. You will need to provide your lawyer with 6 copies of your identity card or passport.
6. You will need to provide your original birth certificate plus 5 copies. Both must be translated into Greek in addition via a Greek Embassy or Consulate. There must also be 6 copies of these documents.
7. All purchasers must provide details of any criminal records regardless of country in which they are held.
8. You must obtain 4 copies of the topographical document. We can help you with this.
9. You must have a plan of the house and the plot to a scale of 1:5000. You will need this stamped by the architect.

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